view of Lake Michigan beach, Town of Sturgeon Bay

Town Chairman:   Dan Cihlar
Supervisor 1:   Carol Schuster
Supervisor 2:   Paul Skup
Town Clerk:   Nancy Anschutz
Treasurer:    Lynne Gustafson

County District 6 Rep:   Susan Kohout

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Monday, May 2, 2022 Meeting Agenda

Meetings the 1st Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m.
692 Tacoma Beach Road (Arle Memorial Hall - formerly Knights of Columbus  Hall

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Welcome to the Town of Sturgeon Bay’s web site.

  • The Town of Sturgeon Bay is located in central Door County, Wisconsin, adjacent to the ship canal.  On our northern border is the Town of Sevastopol and our south border is Clay Banks.  We are adjacent to the City of Sturgeon Bay and our eastern boundary is lovely Lake Michigan. 
  • The town has a total area of 35.2 square miles, of which, 19.3 square miles is land and 15.9 square miles is water.
  • Maintained roadways consist of:  15.45 miles of County maintained roadways,  30.52 miles of Town maintained roadways, For a total of    45.97 miles of roadway.
  • The town is primarily rural residential, with a mixture of farming operations, tree nursery’s, shore property and undeveloped natural areas. 
  • Two public parks: 
    • Portage Park on the northeast side includes beautiful natural sand beach and woods.  Portage Park, consisting of 32.80 acres, was acquired from the Bavry Family in 1947.  Before the shipping canal was excavated with horses and slusher, there was no navigable route from Lake Michigan to the Bay of Green Bay.  The only way was to travel around the northern tip of Door County which was very time consuming.  For this reason, it was necessary for those who boated to “Portage” from the Bay of Green Bay to Lake Michigan.  This is how this historic area received the name Portage Park, as it is the spot where these Portages began, and/or ended.  In 2009, the Town was fortunate to acquire an additional 4.9 acres from the Kurtz Family, expanding the present day Portage Park. 
    • The other public park is on the southeast side and is referred to as the Canal Park.  The .4 acres of sand beach blend in with the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve, acquired by of the DC Lake Trust. 
  • As of January 1, 2010, the town’s population is estimated to be 905 people.  Approximately 745 of the estimated population are of voting age. 

This web site is still in its infancy.  We are learning as we go.  The intended purpose of this site is to keep our residents and property owners better informed of town activities.  The clerk will update this site from time to time and we are open to suggestions.  

Thank you.

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